Rosas: Timberwolves still contemplating what to do at No. 1

Timberwolves president Gersson Rosas answers questions during a recent press conference.

When it comes to the NBA draft, apparently even the Minnesota Timberwolves are experiencing some uncertainty.

This is news because the Timberwolves own the No. 1 overall pick and will determine the fate of a lot of teams that follow. But right now, team president Gerrson Rosas insists the only sure thing is some serious doubt.

“There’s no guy that has separated himself from the pack from public or external view, but I’m very confident that as we go through this process, the talent will rise to the top and we’ll be confident about identifying one guy as the best guy, the best talented player with the most upside and most ability for our organization,” Rosas told reporters.

Memphis center James Wiseman, Georgia shooting guard Anthony Edwards and well-traveled point guard LaMelo Ball are widely considered the top three draft prospects, albeit in no particular order.

Recent reports suggested Rosas and the Wolves remain open to trading the pick if it helps to bring back a “win-now” veteran.

“We typically study the draft from one to whatever number we feel like is a draftable player,” Rosas said. “And we’ll evaluate those guys for trade scenarios, trade back, trade out, for undrafted free-agent opportunities, for minor league opportunities. So we really beat up the draft board as much as can all the way up until the draft.

“But I do, now, at the stage that we’re at, about a month out, we have formulated a lot of opinions, but you want to challenge those as much as you can here as you go all the way up to draft night, but our staff has done an unbelievable job.”

The 2020 NBA Draft is scheduled to be held virtually on Nov. 18.

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