Timberwolves ready to draft, still open to trading top pick

Timberwolves executive VP Sachin Gupta eyes the team's draft board in 2019.

There still some mystery left about the NBA draft, but apparently not for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“We feel pretty good about where we’re at. We’re ready to pick,” Timberwolves executive VP Sachin Gupta told reporters. “There is still information flowing in from different prospects. The NBA is doing a great job trying to salvage the draft combine process and pre-draft process. … But we feel really good about where we’re at the at the top of the draft and are ready to pick if we have to.”

The draft is scheduled for Nov. 18, so there’s still time for the Timberwolves to change their minds. Top prospects include Georgia shooting guard Anthony Edwards, Memphis center James Wiseman, Israeli forward Deni Avdija and well-traveled point guard LaMelo Ball.

What Gupta didn’t reveal is who, exactly, the Timberwolves are taking. Odds are, that won’t be announced until its time to actually make the selection.

And yes, Gupta echoed team president Gerrson Rosas, who said the Timberwolves remain open to trading the pick for the right package.

“We’re having conversations and by those conversations, we’ll get a better sense of what (the No. 1 pick is) worth,” Gupta said. “Those conversations are happening and will continue to happen, and we’re wide open. But I know we’re very happy picking at the top, but certainly teams are inquiring and we’ll get back to them.”

Golden State owns the second overall pick, followed by Charlotte, Chicago and Cleveland, respectively.

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