Griffin on Pelicans listening to Holiday trade offers: ‘That’s our job’

Pelicans executive David Griffin answers questions during a recent press conference.

Veteran guard Jrue Holiday is drawing trade interest from multiple teams, including several contenders, as the New Orleans Pelicans reportedly have made him available.

But chief of basketball operations David Griffin indicated it’s nothing personal. It’s just business as usual in the business of basketball.

“That’s our job. We’ve done that since we got here,” Griffin said during a VIP exclusive with new coach Stan Van Gundy. “We had similar conversations at last year’s trade deadline. Nobody’s actively trying to do anything different than before.”

The Brooklyn Nets and Denver Nuggets are believed to be among two of the teams with interest in Holiday. There are likely about 10 others.

And why not? Holiday is one of the league’s premier defenders, a valued teammate and someone who averaged 19.1 points, 6.7 assists and 4.8 rebounds last season.

In the eyes of Holiday, it has to feel good to be a player that opponents respect — and want. The list includes the Pelicans, whose bright future starts with the likes of forwards Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.

“We’re trying to build a team that can be highly competitive today and build toward a sustainable future,” Griffin said. “If that means Jrue is part of that, that’s special for us. He loves being with us and we love the way he plays.

“If the best way to build toward that future and the best way to put him in the best position to succeed is to trade him, then that’s what ends up happening. But those things come about because you’re trying to build to that sustainable future and Jrue is trying to put himself in the best position to win.”

The NBA window to make trades and signings is expected to open shortly, perhaps even before the Nov. 18 draft.

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